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Gold Best Bar,
Silver Best Craft Beer Bar,
Silver Best Sports Bar,
Bronze Best Burger
18101 Preston Rd Ste 102, Dallas, Texas
The Irishman Pub shines with great prices, a great happy hour and a large selection of traditional Irish as well as American bar fare. At The Irishman, they strive to turn every new face into a new regular.
Gold Best Soul Food
4906 Rand Ave, Dallas, Texas 75216
Opened during the height of the pandemic, Nana B’s SoulFood seasons every meal of fresh food with LOVE! Nana B’s offers great Southern housemade SOUL FOOD, including Oxtails, Smothered Pork Chops, Bake Chicken/Dressing BeefTip&Rice and More!!
in Donut
Bronze Best Donut
in Donut
2805 Allen St, Dallas, Texas
Gold Best Frozen Treat
2375 Victory Park Ln #140, Victory Park, Dallas, Texas 75219
The mission at Aqua S is to elevate the customer’s traditional dessert experience by transforming soft serve ice cream into a picture-perfect work of art that tastes as good as it looks.
Gold Best Food Truck
3212 N Jupiter Rd, Garland, Texas 75044
An amalgam of different tastes, District1 brings together Vietnamese, Southeast Asian, Cambodian and Thai flavors in a wonderful burst of Asian fusion. Dishes found at District 1 are difficult to find elsewhere.
Silver Best Butcher/Meat Shop,
Silver Best Multicultural Grocery Store
Gold Best Coffee House
10105 E. Northwest Hwy., East Dallas, Dallas, Texas 75238
Coffee devotees can get their fix at White Rock Coffee, now with 4 locations in the area. White Rock Coffee does not have a frilly drink schtick that is more about being ornamental than tasty. It is simply about grabbing a well prepared coffee to go
Gold Best Craft Beer Bar,
Gold Best Kid Friendly Restaurant,
Gold Best New Restaurant,
Gold Best Restaurant View,
Silver Best All-Around Restaurant,
Silver Best Chicken Restaurant,
Silver Best Comfort Food,
Silver Best Date Night Spot,
Silver Best Lunch Spot,
Silver Best Outdoor Dining,
Bronze Best Brewery
7701 Lemmon Ave #200, Dallas, Texas
Owners Jacob and Lindsay Sloan at On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen have proven that breweries and brewpubs can give food an equal seat at the table with brews. On Rotation has some of the juiciest fried chicken in town, and a tasty variety of sides.
Gold Best Tacos,
Bronze Best Chain Restaurant
With a guiding motto of “set my tacos free,” Velvet Taco achieves taco greatness by exploring international tastes, eschewing freezers and making its menu from scratch daily.
in Bar
Bronze Best Bar
in Bar
1010 Halsell St, Bridgeport, Texas 76426
A laidback, stylish bar serving craft cocktails from top ingredients.
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